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Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Niddy Noddy!

So, I've been crafting a lot the past few weeks!

I guess the hot weather's got me back indoors. So, while Bender gets to chew on toy bones and lay on my clean laundry, I get to watch TV and craft during my days off.

I've been experimenting with some crafty stuff that I hadn't been able to get around to the past couple of years, and it's pretty cool.  I guess years of crocheting and a couple years struggling to learn to knit have finally groomed me into understanding other aspects of my hobbies.

Recently I was doing some crafty experimentation, and found that I needed a Knitty Noddy.  At least, that's what I call it.  I had one a couple years ago for winding yarn, and I guess I misplaced it.

Well, a quick search on the internet let me know it's actually a "Niddy Noddy", a tool used to help you skein yarn into those pretty hanks you see at yarn shops!

Well, I decided to make one! I've heard of one being made from PVC, so I asked the CheapGeek to help me, and it was pretty easy. Check it out:

And just like that, I've got an awesome, portable Niddy Noddy that I didn't have to pay $20 for and wait two weeks for shipping.

I'm already using it, and it's making beatiful, easy to work with hanks of yarn. Check out some yarn I'm letting "rest" before officially skein it up!

Pretty cool, right?

Lot better than wrapping all my yarn around a chair or piece of cardboard.

Thanks for reading!

PS: Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel, Leftovers4Dinner! I'm planning on posting quite a few  videos in the next few weeks relating to crafting!

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